Estimated Maximum Timelines and Process
for INDIVIDUAL Applicants starting from March 2021

Applications for individuals have now closed.

9:00am Thursday 11th March – 23:59pm Friday 19th March

By 23:59pm Friday 19th March

Governance, Pre-Screening and Screening Checks 6 weeks - to end of April 2021

Applications will be screened for all mandatory documents and general eligibility.

Decision Making Early May 2021

Applications that clear screening will be taken to the Evaluation Panel, who will recommend grant recipients

Contracting and Feedback Mid/late May 2021

Candidates will be asked to submit further documentation for confirmation.
If successful – grant will be contracted.

*Unsuccessful candidates will receive a Regret Letter

FICA* Review/Payment Vetting and Disbursement/ Writebacks June and July 2021

Signed contracts received will be vetted and, assuming all is in order, grant will be paid.

*Any contracts that fail vetting will not be paid and candidate will be informed

*Note that the FICA processing process may be subject to delays due to COVID restrictions.
If delays are severe, candidates will be informed

Final Report and Closeout